• Pond on the Moor

Between Bearah and Kilmar Tors there is a watering hole that never dries up.  Here it is a few days before Christmas, looking north-west.

IMG_6577 copy

• Admiral Carving Beech

What a glorious day.  A hike up to Sharp Tor, where a Red Admiral was basking.  Then the sun was at a good angle to catch the letters and numbers of boundary rock ’12’, ‘RIL’, ‘1846’ (see post from 27 April 2013).  And the leaves of the beech trees lower down glowed golden.

IMG_6557 copy

IMG_6567 copy

IMG_6572 copy

• Kayak, St Ives

IMG_5095 copy

• Apple-juicing, Upton Cross

Here’s how you juice apples, with a modern equivalent of the ‘cheesewring’ that gives its name to the rock formations up on the moor.  Photos taken at the Apple Day at Upton Cross village hall.

IMG_5039 copy

IMG_5040 copy

IMG_5043 copy

IMG_5045 copy

IMG_5046 copy

IMG_5048 copy

IMG_5049 copy

IMG_5050 copy

IMG_5051 copy

IMG_5053 copy

IMG_5057 copy

IMG_5060 copy

IMG_5068 copy

IMG_5071 copy

IMG_5072 copy

IMG_5074 copy

IMG_5076 copy

• Midsummer Dawn & Dusk

Up very early to observe the summer solstice dawn over distant Dartmoor and then up onto Sharp Tor that same evening for dusk.  The first two photos were taken at around 05.00 from Rillaton Barrow near Minions.  A hearty breakfast was then had at the nearby pub.  The third photo caught a very stubborn sheep about to be released from its self-imposed ensnarement.  The remaining photos were taking from Sharp Tor, looking over to Kilmar, with one glance down into the valley towards Devon.

IMG_4434 copy 11

IMG_4469 copy 10

IMG_4486 copy 9

IMG_4500 copy 8

IMG_4503 copy 7

IMG_4519 copy 5

IMG_4513 copy 6

IMG_4530 copy 4

IMG_4535 copy 3

IMG_4551 copy 2

IMG_4559 copy

• Up Frenchman’s Creek

A little trip up to Frenchman’s Creek and back.IMG_4231 copy

IMG_4237 copy

IMG_4240 copy

IMG_4300 copy

IMG_4305 copy

IMG_4329 copy

IMG_4337 copy

• Bluebells

Here are a few shots of bluebells taken over the past week in and around the house and wood, with additional glimpses of deer in the early-morning haze, pink celandines, last year’s bracken stalks and this year’s fragrant hawthorn blossom.  It is the most blissful time of year in nature’s calendar.

IMG_3311 copy

IMG_3304 copy

IMG_3321 copy

IMG_3325 copy

IMG_3332 copy

IMG_3337 copy

IMG_3341 copy

IMG_3861 copy

IMG_3864 copy

IMG_3873 copy

IMG_3878 copy

• Life in the Slow Lane

At hardly 1 mph, this steam engine trundled past me today on its way up into North Hill.  Interesting that it wasn’t driven by aged enthusiasts but two young lads.  I’ve no idea where they were going, but I’d seen them earlier in the day on the B3254, travelling north.

IMG_3307 copy

• The big rains (Bearah Valley)

In two days’ time I leave for a 16-week perambulation up, down and across France.  I shall save my photographs from this trip until a future time.  But the signs of a dry start to my expedition are not auspicious.  Today – the first of 2014 – I went up towards Bearah Tor to see the state of the early stretches of Shales Brook.  The water was streaming through boulders and across the grass in furious torrents.  Rather impressive!

IMG_5537 copy

IMG_5548 copy

IMG_5552 copy

IMG_5545 copy


IMG_5559 copy

IMG_5565 copy

IMG_5566 copy

IMG_5568 copy

IMG_5576 copy

IMG_5574 copy

IMG_5575 copy


• Russet dawn on Sharp Tor

Sharp Tor often shimmers in pink at dawn, but today it glowed in russet.

IMG_5477 copy

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