• Bluebells

Here are a few shots of bluebells taken over the past week in and around the house and wood, with additional glimpses of deer in the early-morning haze, pink celandines, last year’s bracken stalks and this year’s fragrant hawthorn blossom.  It is the most blissful time of year in nature’s calendar.

IMG_3311 copy

IMG_3304 copy

IMG_3321 copy

IMG_3325 copy

IMG_3332 copy

IMG_3337 copy

IMG_3341 copy

IMG_3861 copy

IMG_3864 copy

IMG_3873 copy

IMG_3878 copy

• Woodland Paths

It’s the most joyful time of year in the wood: translucent greens and piercing blues (no Photoshop here!), plus the heady scent of hawthorn and bluebells.

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