• it seems to me …

It seems to me, with the wind howling and the rain driving all before it on this bleak October day, that this is a good moment to stay indoors and shift my blogging to a dedicated provider rather than bury it in my iWeb site.  Better that than go for a walk along the Cornish cliffs, where you never know what might happen.


This footage was shot a month ago, on 23 September 2011, at 17.00, looking north east.  It’s on a section of the north coast in West Cornwall, where the cliffs are formed of slate.  It’s called Dead Man’s Cove.  No-one died.  No animals were hurt.  But some of the human ‘noises off’ might suggest otherwise.

Cornwall Community News carried the full story, with pictures, on 15.10.2011.

• Conundrum – When Does A Shower Become Rain?

Yesterday at 06.30, BBC Radio’s weather forecasters predicted “showers in the West”.  It then proceeded to rain solidly – and heavily – for three hours.

So when does a shower become rain?

I’d like to think that there’s Zen-like enlightenment to be found in that elusive moment of transition.

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