• David Nash at Kew

Some snaps of David Nash’s current exhibition of wood sculptures in Kew Gardens – and one living form.IMG_1064 copy

IMG_1067 copy

IMG_1069 copy

IMG_1070 copy IMG_1075 copy

IMG_1078 copy

IMG_1080 copy

IMG_1085 copy

IMG_1092 copy

IMG_1098 copy

IMG_1100 copy

IMG_1106 copy

IMG_1121 copy

IMG_1124 copy

IMG_1127 copy

IMG_1129 copy

IMG_1138 copy

IMG_1142 copy

IMG_1146 copy

IMG_1149 copy

IMG_1157 copy

IMG_7042 copy

IMG_7046 copy

• Lunch on the grass

While posting yesterday on the planned new concert hall in Katowice, I remembered a couple of walks I took with Górecki’s daughter and her family while I was visiting him in 2010.  One was to Nikiszowiec, which I’ll post about sometime soon.  The other was on Sunday morning, 1 November, in the birch forest and parkland on the southern outskirts of the city.

A clear, crisp morning, with a couple of unusual sights: a red squirrel at close quarters

and …

something strangely reminiscent of a certain French painting.  Although it has all the facial hallmarks of socialist-realist imagery of the early 1950s, I think that it must be from a later period, possibly the 1970s.  I can’t work out whether it’s tongue-in-cheek or oh-too-serious … or both.

• Hyde Park Corner

Hyde Park Corner, London: one transient sculpture, one permanent memorial.  Lorenzo Quinn’s Hand of God will subsequently be installed at the Royal Exchange.  The 7 July Memorial, dedicated to the 52 victims of the London bombings in 2005, was unveiled two years ago.  Each has its own poignancy.

IMG_5045 copy
IMG_5041 copy
IMG_5042 copy

IMG_5051 copy


• Liverpool: sculptures and architecture

On today’s day-trip to see the Magritte exhibition at Tate Liverpool, I wandered around the city and riverside, my first visit in decades.  Here are a few snaps of this radically changed cityscape, ending with shots of The Mower (1881), by William Hamo Thorneycroft, in the Walker Gallery.

IMG_4929 copy

IMG_4931 copy

IMG_4901 copy
IMG_4924 copy

IMG_4904 copy
IMG_4910 copy

IMG_4928 copy

IMG_4914 copy

IMG_4937 copy
IMG_4936 copy
IMG_4935 copy

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