• Dudley Moore Trio

Three of my prized possessions are the first LPs that Decca issued of the Dudley Moore Trio: The Other Side of Dudley Moore (1965), Genuine Dud (1966) and The Dudley Moore Trio (1969).  Sadly, these LPs have never been released as individual CD albums and you have to search around for some of the tracks.  The Other Side remains my favourite and features five of Moore’s own compositions: ‘Lysie Does It’, ‘Poova Nova’, ‘Take Your Time’, ‘Sooz Blooz’ and ‘Sad One for George’.

The skies have been very grey today, so to bring a belated ray of sunshine here’s Moore playing ‘My Blue Heaven’, written by Walter Donaldson in 1924 with lyrics by George Whiting.  It’s not the version included on The Other Side but a live performance given during his comedy show with Peter Cook, Not Only… But Also, probably in 1966.  Chris Karan is on drums, Pete McGurk on bass.  They were a phenomenally gifted trio, relaxed, inspired and cool.

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