• “No snow in Cornwall today” (ITV)? Pah!

ITV West Country News stated in its 18.00 programme tonight that there had been no snow in Cornwall today.  Pah! In my neck of the woods, on the eastern flanks of Foweymoor (Bodmin Moor), there was loads of it as far as the eye could see.  From deer tracks and bent saplings to snowy vistas in which familiar trees take on a quite new character, here are eleven photos taken before 09.15 this morning.

1. Deer tracks, 18.01.13

2. Bent saplings, 18.01.13

3. Contorta, 18.01.13

4. Cornus, 18.01.13

4. Sycamore a la Brueghel, 18.01.13

6. Magic Hawthorn, 18.01.13

7. Magic Pond, 18.01.13

8. Pine Stump, 18.01.13

9. Cross-path, 18.01.13

10. Winding path, 18.01.13

11. North prospect, 18.01.13


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