• A few Greek walls

Having succumbed to Facebook at the end of April, I’m now deliberating whether to switch over to the Timeline layout, with its full-width cover photo across the top of my ‘Wall’.  I’ve seen some great wall photos, but I’m not convinced by the diary format that goes underneath.  If I’m not going to have a full-width wall photo there, then I’d better release some wall photos below.  Wouldn’t want them to go to waste.  Here are seven taken, without Facebook in mind, on my recent trip to Athens and the Peloponnese.

2 Responses to • A few Greek walls

  1. Ivan Moody says:

    Wonderful photos! I advise against timeline: as you note, the diary format is very confusing, and you can upload your photographs to an album anyway.

  2. Thanks, Ivan! Just snaps, really. You’ve bolstered my resolve re Timeline. However much I try, I can’t ‘read’ overlapping stories on L and R. It is such a misconstrued design.


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