• The Cello in Art (7) – … and a J.N.D.

OK, I know that stretching exercises before breakfast are a good thing, but this is a bit extreme.  I have no idea who this is, or whether he’s even a cellist, but he’s a welcome tonic after the po-faced players of yesterday.  A jolly nude dude, no less.

3 Responses to • The Cello in Art (7) – … and a J.N.D.

  1. Ed McKeon says:

    Don’t forget good old (and dearly departed) Charlotte Moorman!

  2. Indeed not – thank you for reminding me! Sorry you’re being bombarded again with newly transferred posts from the old site. They’re taking longer to bring across than I’d hoped, mainly because of formatting problems. But I should be through by Friday! It’s a while since I did a ‘Cello in Art’ post so I’ll put Moorman at the top of the pile. So many images to choose from!

  3. Brent says:

    I’m still a cellist and that photo is of me in Seattle in the late 80’s. Quite a trip seeing it again. It’s the one photo I told the photographer not to use.


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