• O’er Moor and Vale

A horse, a horse?  Mark him down for a horse!

We did wonder what Dalmatians and Gloucestershire Old Spots might think.  This was just one sight on a four-hour walk across the moor yesterday afternoon in perfect walking weather – breezy, pleasantly warm, and nobody about.

Our trek took in Hawk’s Tor, with its extraordinary linear cliffs and eroded cheesewrings, Trewortha Tor, with its Easter Bunny, King Arthur’s bed (damned uncomfortable and would give you a wet bottom), Kilmar Tor and Bearah Tor, with clear views of Dartmoor.  Below Kilmar is this cist, a 3’-deep burial chamber surrounded by tooth-like protective stones and originally covered in a mound of earth.  You have to search to find the cairn, but it’s worth it when you do.


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