• Enrico David @ Hepworth Wakefield

On a brief trip up north to go to two concerts at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, see friends in Leeds and Newcastle and hear the Northern Sinfonia play Elgar and Sibelius at Sage Gateshead, I made time to visit the four-year-old Barbara Hepworth Gallery in her native Wakefield.  It is a magnificent building, its angular design recalling the ‘Walk-In’ statue that graces the entrance to my last School of Music, at Cardiff University.  Inside, it was packed with visitors, young and old (entrance is free) and Hepworth’s work is spaciously displayed.  The collection is especially interesting for its plaster casts of major sculptures.  But my heart still lies in Hepworth’s sculpture garden in St Ives.

But there are temporary exhibitions too, and one caught my eye.  Sparingly placed in their space were works by Enrico David, whom I did not know.  I was especially taken by one lounging in the centre of the gallery.

IMG_8147 copy


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