• Midsummer Dawn & Dusk

Up very early to observe the summer solstice dawn over distant Dartmoor and then up onto Sharp Tor that same evening for dusk.  The first two photos were taken at around 05.00 from Rillaton Barrow near Minions.  A hearty breakfast was then had at the nearby pub.  The third photo caught a very stubborn sheep about to be released from its self-imposed ensnarement.  The remaining photos were taking from Sharp Tor, looking over to Kilmar, with one glance down into the valley towards Devon.

IMG_4434 copy 11

IMG_4469 copy 10

IMG_4486 copy 9

IMG_4500 copy 8

IMG_4503 copy 7

IMG_4519 copy 5

IMG_4513 copy 6

IMG_4530 copy 4

IMG_4535 copy 3

IMG_4551 copy 2

IMG_4559 copy


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