• The big rains (Bearah Valley)

In two days’ time I leave for a 16-week perambulation up, down and across France.  I shall save my photographs from this trip until a future time.  But the signs of a dry start to my expedition are not auspicious.  Today – the first of 2014 – I went up towards Bearah Tor to see the state of the early stretches of Shales Brook.  The water was streaming through boulders and across the grass in furious torrents.  Rather impressive!

IMG_5537 copy

IMG_5548 copy

IMG_5552 copy

IMG_5545 copy


IMG_5559 copy

IMG_5565 copy

IMG_5566 copy

IMG_5568 copy

IMG_5576 copy

IMG_5574 copy

IMG_5575 copy



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