• Dartmoor Training

Earlier this week I went on a two-day map-reading and walk leadership training course on Dartmoor.  I learned all about aiming off, back-bearing, boxing, hand-railing and leap-frogging.  Compass training was fascinating and I wish I’d done it years ago.  We explored SE Dartmoor, including a couple of hours of night-time walking.  The landscape is stupendous, including ancient and not so ancient monuments to man’s ingenuity and transience.  We met no-one, apart from an army unit heading out on exercise.

IMG_3144 copy 2

IMG_3148 copy

IMG_3152 copy

IMG_3154 copy 2

2 Responses to • Dartmoor Training

  1. Ed McKeon says:

    Makes me want to get out of my chair and go for a long walk.


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