• Early Sunday Walk, 17.02.13

On a day like this, full of not-quite-yet-Spring sunshine, the lure of a walk up onto the moor for the paper was impossible to resist.  Here are a few of the details and panoramas that met my eye.  I would say they’re “in no particular order”, and pause idiotically between them, but they appear chronologically and in close sequence!

IMG_7491 copy

IMG_7496 copy

IMG_7500 copy

IMG_7504 copy

IMG_7506 copy

IMG_7509 copy

IMG_7511 copy

IMG_7515 copy

IMG_7522 copy

IMG_7523 copy

IMG_7526 copy

One Response to • Early Sunday Walk, 17.02.13

  1. lulworthdawn says:

    loverly photos esp the snowdrops and the arty one of sharp tor!


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