• A Moor with a View

There’s nothing quite like a New Year’s Day walk with friends, climbing steep roads riddled with gullies from recent rain, striding along old granite railway sleepers, ending up with a good pub lunch at the highest village in Cornwall.

On the way back, we peered into a huge hole that’s opened up over a mine shaft, were too late to find gold in a prehistoric barrow, and scrambled over the ruins of a disused chapel once surrounded by a drunken shanty town.

Best of all were the views, when the sun shone between the heavy showers and the rusty corrugated roof of an old barn glowed in a deep raddle reddle ruddle.

IMG_7126 copy

One Response to • A Moor with a View

  1. gaynor says:

    very impressed with how quick you are to post this! which pub? same hole or a new one? sorry we weren’t with you on the walk!

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