• Five Trees Shaded in Grey

It may also be dim and dank, but there’s more sense, strength and atmosphere in this autumnal mist (six o’clock this evening) than in you-know-what.  And that’s not to mention EMI’s tawdry decision to release an oh-so-safe CD of the novels’ ‘sound track’.  Heaven help anyone whose appreciation of its music is now irreparably conditioned by the novels.  As I wrote to one friend, the CD will win an award at next year’s Classical Brits, mark my word.  Give me a dim and dank Cornish mist any day.  I’ll now go and join the harrumphing horses in the field beneath the trees.

4 Responses to • Five Trees Shaded in Grey

  1. doctornoo says:

    Misread that as humping horses. My own fault for reading 50 shade of neigh.

  2. Good one! There are all sorts of noises that come from beneath the trees!

  3. Justin Geplaveid says:

    Why reading that when there are loads of better books? beginning Capote’s ‘In cold blood’ right now…


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