• Good Day Sunshine

Shamelessly borrowing the title of one of my favourite Beatles’ songs, here’s a photo I took early this morning on my way back from fetching the Sunday paper.

This view never fails to cheer me – it’s my local equivalent of Cézanne’s Mont Saint-Victoire, or so I like to think.  It’s never fully in view and in the spring it is garlanded by a foreground of light green foliage.  In winter, the trees provide a thicket of wild branches and twigs.  On this rare sunny day in January (it’s been a wet and stormy start to 2012), the distant greens, oranges and greys basked in an extraordinary glow.  There was even a buzzard circling, although at the moment I took the shot it flew behind one of the left-side twigs.

One Response to • Good Day Sunshine

  1. Ed McKeon says:

    It’s a fantastic day – we’ll be going for a bit of a hike later too.


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