• Cheap Flights

One of the highlights of my recent trip to London was an hilarious evening spent in the company of Fascinating Aida. I was eager to see them again after almost 30 years – their first visit to the Queen’s Festival in Belfast in the mid-80s is still imprinted on my memory.  The two original members now have ‘maturity’ on their side and are even more outrageous, like favourite aunts or grannies behaving badly.  It’s topical satire at its best, musical cabaret with flair, debunking everything left, right and centre.

My favourites are their piercing ‘Bulgarian’ ditties with killer punch-lines – brilliant (we had 13 of them last week).  If there is anyone out there who doesn’t know Fascinating Aida, try to catch them next year (they’re touring the UK until mid-April).  In the meantime, here’s their YouTube hit ‘Cheap Flights’ (over 3 million hits) with bonus plugs and clips at the end.


Those of a sensitive disposition turn away now, as here comes a second clip.


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