• Never Weather-Beaten Saile

Having learned earlier today of the death of Tony Fell, I chanced to hear on BBC Radio 3 Hubert Parry’s Never Weather-Beaten Sail.  Lovely though it is, my mind’s ear went straight back to the original words and music of Thomas Campion’s evocative ayre, which I remember singing as a madrigal.

I first met Tony in the mid-80s while briefing Boosey & Hawkes about its potential new signing, Henryk Mikołaj Górecki.  I realised straightaway that I was talking with a doer, someone who liked to get things going, always with charm, enthusiasm and a witty sense of humour.  He will be greatly missed.

Tony died on Górecki’s birthday – 6 December.  Here, as a little farewell, is a link to a performance of Campion’s Never Weather-Beaten Saile, this time in its first version, for voice and lute.


Neuer weather-beaten Saile more willing bent to shore,
Neuer tyred Pilgrims limbs affected slumber more,
Than my wearied spright now longs to flye out of my troubled brest :
O come quickly, sweetest Lord, and take my soule to rest.

Euer-blooming are the ioys of Heau’ns high Paradice,
Cold age deafes not there our eares, nor vapour dims our eyes :
Glory there the Sun outshines, whose beames the blessed onely see ;
O come quickly, glorious Lord, and raise my spright to Thee.

2 Responses to • Never Weather-Beaten Saile

  1. Ed McKeon says:

    That’s sad news. I didn’t know Tony well, but I met him a number of times with Janis.

  2. Thank you for this Adrian – we have a tribute page for Tony on our site – are you happy for me to link this there? We miss him hugely! Rosie http://www.royalphilharmonicsociety.org.uk/awards/honorary/recent/tony_fell_1931_2011/in_memory_of_tony_fell/fell


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