• The Cello in Art (8) – Doisneau and Baquet/1

After posting yesterday’s exuberant image, I recalled the work of the great French photographer Robert Doisneau (1912-94), one of whose close friends was the cellist, actor, singer, comedian – and alpinist, Maurice Baquet (1911-2005).  Together they created a body of photographic images that are unrivalled for their whimsical take on life and performance.

To mark the centenary of their births this year and next, here’s one of my favourites, Les attentions courtesies (c.1942-48).  There’s something touchingly chivalrous, if irrelevant in Baquet’s action: he gets wet for the sake of his cello, which is perfectly dry anyway (that is, if it is inside).  It could be a still from a French film.

Can anyone identify the location?


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