• Wise Old Toad

I started a blog last year and then had second thoughts.  But last night ‘Old Toad’ came to my rescue when my iWeb pages refused to appear on my screen and I thought that I’d lost the site forever.  So I’ve decided to give my idle thoughts another go, if only to thank him.  Methinks I might persevere this time.

So, along came ‘Old Toad’ of Toad Hall, Temecula, CA, with sage advice.  Hey presto!  The website was re-activated and the pages were back.  I can’t thank ‘Old Toad’ enough – he’s one of life’s good guys as he’s clearly helped thousands of other stranded/confused/desperate non-techies on the Apple Support Communities, like me, to get back on our web(bed) feet (sorry!).

As a small token of my appreciation, here’s a photo of Anaxyrus boreas halophilus – the California Toad.  Thanks ‘OT’!


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